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Contact us

You may share your requests with:

1. Electric Bike Motor Confirmation Sheet


2. Electric Bike Controller Confirmation Sheet 


3. Project introduction

4. Other related information with material details (name, requirements,qty, address, country/port, etc.) to info@czfound.com.


FOUND MOTOR will match the demands and supply for you and will keep you informed on latest progress. 

Any further questions please feel free to contact us.


Contact information:

NAME       Wechat&whatsapp&skype         E-mail

Aglaia          +86 18625287050              aglaia@czfound.com/aglaia@foundmotor.com

Jackie          +86 18912331050               jackie@czfound.com/jackie@foundmotor.com

Lucy            +86 13218671050               lucy@czfound.com/lucy@foundmotor.com

Gina            +86 17156465688               gina@czfound.com/gina@foundmotor.com

Hybol          +86 17156461566               hybol@czfound.com



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